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Cleaning Air Conditioners

So accustomed have we become to the rhythm of the air-conditioner that rarely do we remember to clean it. Yet doing so reduces the cost of running it and helps prevent it from shutting down on a 95 degree day. Letís take a look at the proper way to clean this contraption.

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Cleaning Lamp Shades

Get Rid of Dust Mites: Short, easy tips that help improve oneís health are always my favorite tips. Here is one: Dust mites not only irritate the skin but wreak havoc on sinuses and worsen allergy problems. They thrive in moist environments and what better place than a bed dampened with sweat during the night. Upon rising, turn the covers down to expose the top half of your bed. Bedding and pillows dry during the day and the little scamps wither away from starvation.

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Cleaning Textured walls, Popcorn Ceilings and Rough Hewn Wood Beams

For the past several years Iíve written an article this time of year covering various holiday cleaning tips, dos and doníts. If you wish a refresher course click on years 2011 and 2012 and the October and November blogs give you all you need to know to speed cleaning your way through the holidays. Email me with any questions or better yet grab my book The Complete Idiotís Guide to Green Cleaning. The full stain removal guide in the back is quite popular during the holidays.

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How to Remove Hairspray

One of my most frequent questions I receive is how to remove hair spray stuck to counters, floors and...

Mold and Mildew Smells

A month has slipped past and I'm quite late posting about smells. Between trade shows, four articles and three...

Reduce your Heating Bill

Each year heating bills generally increase as the temperatures decrease at the start of winter. Articles start appearing in...

Smelly Drains - Get Rid of the Odors

Smelly Drains - what can be worse than fixing dinner with the odor of last night's fried onions hanging...

Survive a Disaster

After a recent newsletter centering around the necessity to pull together survival items in case of a disaster, several people wrote and ask me for a list of the products Iíve found. They know I spend a great deal of time researching everything before I either add it to my Mary Moppins product line or for personal use.

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