Prevent Holiday Disasters

Recently I was recently a guest on the Martha Stewart Living Radio Program, which is always a pleasure. As we discussed removing holiday stains, the listening audience decided to play 'stump the expert.' Let's discuss a few suggestions to prevent accidents and stains during the holidays.

1) Avoid serving salads and drinks that contain red, orange, purple or green food colorings. If temptation draws you like a warm winter fire, keep a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide handy. Mix it 50/50 with water in spray bottle. Fill a second bottle with 1 part distilled white vinegar and 4 parts water. Spray red wine or food dye stains immediately with the peroxide/water mixture. Let it set 5 minutes then rinse with the vinegar/water solution to neutralize the effects of peroxide. Persian, silk or wool carpets or area rugs should be professionally cleaned.

2) Clean the chimneys and flues to prevent fires.

3) Don't over look cleaning the furnace ducts as they have also been know to catch fire.

4) Always place a holder under candles. Never move a burning candle or one that has just been blown out. Hot wax leaves a nasty 3rd degree burn and stains that resist removal.

5) Keep a current fire extinguisher close at hand. Know how to use it! Any extinguisher more than 4 years old should be examined to make sure it's in working condition.

6) Purchase a couple of white plastic table cloths if pets or young children are coming to dinner. Place them upside down on beds, furniture or the floor where they will be sleeping, playing or sitting. The fuzzy side helps catch spills or accidents and the plastic side prevents the liquid from absorbing into the surface. Purchase a bottle of Nature's Miracle at the pet store to remove urine odor and stain from any surface ' safely without toxic chemicals. Dilute my concentrated CleanEz to remove the rest of the stains like food, grease, oil and dirt.

7) Keep a lid on the counter to place over a pan should it catch fire. Tuck a bag of wet terry towels in a plastic bag under the kitchen sink. They put out kitchen fires faster than baking soda and quickly clean up spills.

8) You'll find Mary Moppins mop to be one of the handiest gadgets not only for the holidays but year round. My mops use ordinary terry towels to mop floors or dust cobwebs or even dry off RVs or boats. They last for years to save hundreds of dollars buying mop head replacements. Why not give yourself or someone else the gift of time this year? They cut cleaning time up to 80%!

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Mary Findley is a veteran cleaning expert and Founder of Mary Moppins. Mary built the company on the idea that she could create a way to make green cleaning easier, which inspired her to co-author "The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Cleaning" available on Amazon. The Mary Moppins line of specially designed cleaning tools are eco-friendly, yet industrial strength to give you the cleaning power you need to clean quickly and thoroughly.