Fireplace fronts: Soot can be easily and safely removed with our CleanEz and a good stiff bristled brush. Saturate the bricks thoroughly and wait 5 to 10 minutes. Then wash again with CleanEz. Bricks are very porous and most cleaners saturate through the bricks. It takes a time or two to remove most of the soot.

Walls: Our Dry Sponge quickly removes soot from walls without leaving a residue. Use the sponge dry and wipe down the wall.

Furniture: First wipe the furniture with the Mary Moppins Dry Sponge. Use the sponge dry and keep moving it so as not to spread the soot to other parts of the couch.

Then clean the couch first with the Dry Sponge then with a foaming cleaner like foaming tub and tile cleaner testing an inconspicuous spot first. It is best to have the furniture professionally cleaned.