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The past few months have been busy ones with successful trade show presentations as well as articles being submitted to magazines. My blog posts will pick up once again and yes I'll cover ways to pick up the clutter and organize your home, office, RV and the boat as well.

To start though there is a wonderful website called These ladies are so energetic and totally love what they are doing to help families especially those with young children. Check out their latest post about my company, Mary Moppins at Stay tuned for more cleaning tips. I'm on another roll to clean up our Earth! Mary Findley

About Mary

Mary Findley is a veteran cleaning expert and Founder of Mary Moppins. Mary built the company on the idea that she could create a way to make green cleaning easier, which inspired her to co-author "The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Cleaning" available on Amazon. The Mary Moppins line of specially designed cleaning tools are eco-friendly, yet industrial strength to give you the cleaning power you need to clean quickly and thoroughly.